How to make Chicken Soup at Home | Step by Step Healthy Soup Recipe

How to make Chicken Soup at Home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our Site , Today you will learn that How to make chicken soup at home step by step with Photo Tutorial, This is hot and sour chicken soup street style recipe, & it is a very delicious and famous recipe , everyone likes to enjoy this soup in mostly winter season and it has also great Benefit, so lets start How to make Chicken Soup at Home :- 

How to make chicken soup at home
How to make chicken soup at home


4-5 Flesh pieces of Chicken or 1 Chicken Breast
Salt to taste
Carrot & Peas ( Not Compulsory or you can use your any favourite vegetables)
1tsp ginger garlic paste
1tsp dark soya sauce
1tsp green chilli sauce or paste
Cornflour mixture
crushed Pepper 1tsp
1-2 Chopped green chillies
2 beaten egg whites
chopped cilantro
1-2tsp lemon juice


1. Add 3 cup of water in the pan then add salt according to your taste.

2. Then add 4-5 flesh pieces of chicken after properly cleaning or 1 chicken breast, i am using chicken flesh which do not have any bone in it and you can also use any chicken flesh which has bones not matter or boneless chicken is good.

3. Then add your favourite vegetables in it , here i am adding carrot & peas in this pan, you can also add beans also.

4. Cover it with lid and let it boil for 5-7 minutes so that all the ingredient cooked or soften in texture.

5. Then Switch off the flame.

6. Now Strain the water from this with the help of sieve, and then take chicken pieces out and shred it with help of fork. If it has any bone part then remove it, I am using two fork for shredding this Chicken pieces, so that it is made into thin strips , it looks good in soup & also provide good flavour of soup when we add this shredded thin strips of chicken in soup.

7. Now add the stock or water in the pan  that we have Strain or separate from the mixture & switch the flame high, then add 1tsp ginger garlic paste & 1tsp dark soya sauce & mix it well .

8. Now add the vegetables that we have separated before and then add shredded chicken in it so that it properly cooked & this is final step of making chicken soup.

9. Now add 1tsp green chilli sauce , if you don't have green chilli sauce then you can simply add green chillies in it , and add cornflour mix & keep stirring it while  adding this cornflour mix so that no any lumps occur in it ( For making Cornflour Mix, take another small bowl, & take 2tsp of corn flour in it and then add some little amount of water in it to make a paste).

10. Now add crushed Pepper 1tsp & 1-2 Chopped green chillies. And keep it on high flame for boiling then add 2 beaten egg whites slowly & keep stirring.

11. At last check its seasoning by tasting it and add finely chopped cilantro & mix it properly, this chopped cilantro helps in providing a good aroma and taste to soup.

12. Now serve this Hot soup and add some little amount of 1-2tsp lemon juice in it or you can also add butter in it.

How to make homemade chicken soup

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5 Amazing Benefits of Chicken Soups
1. Control Blood pressure
2. Power Your bones
3. Low Fat Food
4. Works your muscles
5. Build the immune wall

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How to make Chicken Soup at Home
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