How to make Pear Salad | Step by Step Homemade Recipe

How to make Pear Salad

Hello Foodies, welcome to, Everyone like Pear because of its various health Benefits, But Today you will learn that How to make pear salad at home step by step with Pictures, you will also learn that how to make pear salad dressing,  it is very amazing pear salad recipe, so lets Follow the following steps that How to make Pear Salad :-

How to make Pear Salad
How to make Pear Salad


Pear 🍐
2tbsp Ginger Paste
Salt to taste
2tbsp ground pepper
Little quantity of Wine vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Cherry tomatoes
Salad leaves
Spinach leaves
Feta cheese.


1. For Dressing, Take a bowl & add ginger paste , salt to taste, Freshly ground pepper, little quantity of wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil & honey for sweet taste and mix well properly. If you will store it aside then this mixture will separate itself automatically. And if you want to make this dressing or mixture and want store it then no problem, you can shake it before using for salad making Now our dressing is ready.

2. Cut the cherry tomatoes

3. Noe take a bowl & add salad leaves(washed salad leaves and remove the water from this salad leaves after washing) & which salad leaves are available in your city area use them, now add Spinach leaves (first wash with water then remove water from this by drying then use it for salad), now add chopped cherry tomatoes, Pomegranate.

4. Now cut the pear into the slices or according to your salad leaves then add it in the bowl and mix it properly.
Note:- Pear usually contain high potassium content, Fiber content, it is a instant energy sources and nice as well as Juicy.

5. Now add the prepared dressing in it and mix it properly or toss it  as shown in below picture.

6. Our Pear salad recipe is ready now and place it in the serving bowl and garnish it with reddish, walnuts, feta cheese & honey.

How to make Pear Salad step by step

How to make pear salad at home

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How to make Pear Salad
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