How to make Chicken Burger at home | Step by Step Recipe

How to make Chicken Burger at home

Hello Foodies, welcome to our site , Today you will learn how to make chicken burger at home step by step with Pictures, everyone loves chicken burger, this is the most easiest and simple chicken burger Recipe, so lets Follow the following steps that How to make Chicken Burger at home :-

how to make chicken burger at home
how to make chicken burger at home


500 gms chicken mince
100 gms fresh bread crumbs, divided 1 tbsp mixed herbs
100 gms finely chopped onions
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
100 gms finely chopped mushrooms Salt as required
Black pepper as required.
Oil for frying
Burger Buns
Tomato slices
Lettuce leaves of your choice


1. Take a non stick Pan , Heat some oil in a pan and add  chopped onions, celery, button mushroom and saute them on very high flame because at this stage mushroom will start leaching water.

2. Add black pepper, salt, mixed herbs and mix it all well properly.

3. Then Turn off the flame and let the mixture cool down for 10 min at normal temperature.

4. How to make Chicken Patty For  Burger  : Take a bowl , In a bowl take chicken mince, add salt, breadcrumbs and onion mixture and massage it nicely and evenly till the entire mixture becomes nice & homogeneous, The patties mixture is ready and now convert it into a patty shape by applying water on your hand as shown in the picture below.

5. Roll the Patties the into the breadcrumbs.
6. Heat some oil in the pan again and place the patties in it.

7. Let the patties cook from both the sides and keep them on absorbent paper for removing excessive oil from it.

how to make chicken patty burger

8. Slice the buns and toast it put some oil over the pan and place the buns on it as shown in the picture below.

9. Now Start Assembly :  On top of bun add mayonnaise, thick slices of tomatoes, place the patty followed with another layer of mayonnaise just for making it extra moist and top it up with lettuce and place the cover of bun on the top.

10. Chicken Burger is ready to be served.

how to make chicken burger step by step

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How to make Chicken Burger at home
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