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How to make Potato Chips at Home | Homemade Potato Chips Recipe |

How to make Potato Chips at Home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our site , Today you will learn that how to make potato chips at home step by step with picture, this is so easy and yummy Homemade Potato Chips Recipe, Everyone love this potato chips recipe which are majorly made from potato, So let's follow the following steps that How to make Potato Chips at Home :-

How to make potato chips at home
How to make Potato Chips at Home

For Potato Chips Recipe

7 Long Potatoes
Sunflower Oil {Buy Now}
Red Chilli Powder
Salt to Taste
Potato Peeler 
Alum {Buy Now}
1/2 Litre Water


1. Take a big bowl and add 7 Long Potatoes of chips Variety and add eater to it to remove the dirt and rub these Potatoes with your hand to easily clean it.

2. Now Peel the potatoes with the help of peeler and add all peeled potatoes in another bowl and add 1/2 litre water to it and take little amount of Potassium Alum and rub this in this water just for 10 seconds and then remove this potassium alum and you will notice that the water is slightly cloudy and let it dip in this water for 10 minutes.

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3. Take a basic potato chips maker and slice the potatoes and now take the wok and add refined sunflower oil and switch the flame high and after 1 minute heating the oil add the sliced potatoes to it or you can also slice the potatoes directly onto the heated oil.

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4. Now continuously stirring it on high flame until it becomes crispy in texture and mainly frying time of potato is 5-6 minutes. If we will not continuously stirring it then it will cook from one side but not from another side evenly.

5. After attaining Crispy texture in chips then take out these chips into the another bowl and make sure that add the Crispy potato chips into the bowl without oil and then seasoning it with some red chilli powder and salt powder.

5. Now Finely our Homemade Potato Chips Recipe are ready to serve.
Homemade potato chips recipe

How to make potato chips step by step

For 50gm = 257 Calories
Protein 7.2gm
Carbohydrate 30.0gm
Fat 14.3gm
Fiber 2.9gm

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How to make Potato Chips at Home
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