[BEST] Homemade Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe


Hello Foodies, welcome to our  site www.checkmyrecipe.com, Today you will learn that How to make Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe at Home Step by Step with Photo Tutorial, 

To make our potato salad we are using baby red white and blue potatoes and the great thing about the mixed potatoes is that they all cook at the same rate they all have a similar flavor profile

But they do have different nutrients in them because of the different colors that they turn,

So really great way to kind of incorporate some different and unique veggies into your summer barbecue.

Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe


Olive Oil as Required

Baby Red, Blue, White(optional) Potatoes

Salt as Required

Pepper as Required

Rosemary and Dill

1/2 tbsp Mustard Seeds

1 tbsp Plain Greek Yogurt

1 tsp Honey

1/2 Red onion



1. So what I've done with these is I have coated the peeled potatoes with olive oil, little salt and pepper and i roasted them with some fresh rosemary and dill.

After cooling at room temperature, using for further step. You can also skip white potato if you are making red hot and blue potato salad.

2. For dressing, Take big bowl add 1/2 tablespoons of coarse ground mustard seeds, 1 tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt.

3. Add a teaspoon of honey just for a little bit of sweetness to kind of cut the acid from the mustard and the yogurt,

Season this is with a little salt and pepper.

4. Now Add little bit more fresh chopped rosemary probably about two sprigs there and another sprig of some fresh dill which is a great herb if you're not familiar with it it has this wonderful lemony scent to it.

5. Then mix this together properly and then slowly drizzle in some olive oil and I'm actually using unfiltered olive oil this is a great way to get a delicious all of the flavor in because this is really some of the purest olive oil you can find,

we're just going to put enough in so this becomes a dressing consistency

6. With our dressing made we are going to add in half of a red onion that I diced up and our ready roasted potatoes.

Red White and Blue Potato Salad Recipe

7. We're just going to mix this till everything is coated and that dressing there you have it the perfect side dish for every fourth of July barbecue.

Finally our Homemade Red Hot And Blue Potato Salad Recipe is ready to Serve.

Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe

Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe Video


I hope that you have learnt this Homemade Red Hot and Blue Potato Salad Recipe Step by Step with Photo Tutorial as well as video recipe, 

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In this Red, white and Blue Salad recipe, Pictures credit goes to Respected Cara Di Falco

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