How to make Greek Salad at home | Step by Step Recipe

How to make Greek Salad at home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our site , Today i will tell you that How to make Greek Salad at home , which is very beneficial Recipe for health.
And this is very simple recipe that everyone can make it so follow the following Procedure or method that How to make Greek Salad at home :- 

How to make greek salad at home
How to make greek salad at home


A few romaine lettuce leaves
A few lollo rosso lettuce leaves
A few iceberg lettuce leaves
A few rocket lettuce leaves
1 large cucumber
1 large tomato
3 spring onions
Salt to taste
Freshly crushed black Peppercorns to taste
2 Tablespoon white vinegar
12-16 picked black olives
100g feta cheese


1. Break the cucumber into two pieces, halve them vertically, remove seeds, cut into thick strips and roughly cut them into small cubes.

2. Roughly cut the tomatoes into small cubes. Diagonally slice spring onions.

3. Clean it with clean water , Roughly tear the lettuce leaves  & Slightly press it to remove excessive water from it and  put them into a large mixing bowl. Add tomato, cucumber and spring onions. Add salt and crushed black peppercorns.

4. Add extra virgin olive oil and vinegar and mix lightly.

5. Put the salad in a serving bowl and place black olives on top. Break feta cheese and put on top , this feta cheese is superb and it contains salt in some high quantity  and serve immediately.

How to make Greek Salad

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How to make Greek Salad at home
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