How to make Fried Rice at home | Step by Step Recipe

How to make Fried Rice at home

Hello Foodies , welcome to our site , Today you will learn that How to make fried rice at home , it is a easiest recipe that you can prepare this recipe in about 2 minutes, everyone like this fried rice but don't know that how to prepare it , i will tell you that How to make fried rice at home step by step street style it's taste will be same as street like or hotel , so follow the following steps with Photo Tutorial :-

How to make fried rice at home
How to make fried rice at home


Rice 1 Cup
Soak 20 mins
Salt 2 tsp
Lemon Juice 1/2 tsp
Oil 2 Tbsp
Green Chili 2
Garlic 5 cloves
Spring Onion Whites 2-3 tbsp
Beans 2-3
Carrot 1/2 small
Salt as per taste
Black pepper (Kali Mirch) as per taste
 per taste
Red chili sauce 1 tbsp
Green Chili sauce 1/2 tbsp
Soya sauce 1/2 tsp (dark)
Spring Onion Greens


1. Take a Big bowl and add 1 cup Rice to it then add 2-3 Cup of water and Soak this rice in water For 20 min, I have told you before that it is 2 min recipe But you have already ready Soaked rice.

2. Now after 20min of soaking rice into the water, we have to boil this rice , i have taken 5-6 cup of water in the container & add 2tsp salt and then we will add secret ingredient that is lemon juice 1/2tsp, by this lemon rice will be made in good texture like it will not in sticky in nature.

3. After waiting for boiling this water , add soaked rice to it but not add water of rice to this boiling water. Now this rice will be ready in 5-6min in boiling water.

4. After that test the rice that is cooked well or not by eating this or by breaking this on your finger if it is easily break into 3-4 piece like showing in picture then it indicates that it is not cooked properly and is it mash then it shows that it is ready for further steps.

5. Now our rice are ready and strain this for removing water from rice with the help of sieve. And place this rice on the plate in a large surface area, it will prevent from rice stickiness.

6. Now i am using this round chinese Pan (Karahi) , because it provides the Chinese like flavour , place this Pan on high heat , main secret of fried rice is your flame should be vey high and 2 tbsp oil into it and add fine chopped Green Chili 2, Garlic 5 cloves, Spring Onion Whites 2-3 tbsp, Beans 2-3, Carrot 1/2 small and mix this properly fast because flame is on high heat. After 30sec this chopped vegetable will be cooked properly.

 7. Now add salt, black pepper, you can also add MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) it enhances the flavour, mostly all restaurant use it while preparing food, or you can also add Ajinomoto. But i am not adding these MSG & Ajinomoto.

8. Now add Red Chili and Green Chili sauce according to your taste , add dark soya sauce in 1/2 tbsp and add spring onion greens and mix this mixture properly and now our mixture is ready.

9. Now add Rice to it and mix it properly so that rice not break and add spring onion green before serving. And also garnish with spring onion green on serving this Fried Rice.

How to make fried rice at home step by step

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How to make fried rice at home 
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