How to make Tofu at Home | Homemade Tofu Recipe |

How to make Tofu at Home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our site , Today you will learn that how to make tofu at home step by step with picture, This is so Nutritious Homemade Tofu Recipe which is mainly prepared from Soya Bean, Every Health or Zym Consious People also consume this tofu sometime , So let's follow the following steps that How to make Tofu at Home :-

How to make tofu at home
How to make Tofu at Home

For Homemade Tofu Recipe

1 cup of Soya Beans
Water as Required
Muslin Cloth
2tbsp water
2tbsp Lemon Juice

1. Take a bowl of 1 cup of Soya Beans which is Soaked for at least 7-8hr and add warm water to it and set it aside for at least 30 minutes and then rub it well with your hands so as to remove the skin of these soya beans as shown in picture and add more little water and after that remove all the water from it.

2. Now take a grinder jar and add Soaked soya beans to it and add 500ml water to it and grind or blend this well so as to make it into smooth texture.

3. Now a take a bowl and place the muslin cloth on the sieve and below the sieve place any bowl or container, and then add the prepared mixture to it and and mixing it continuously so as to pass this mixture properly through the muslin cloth and the sieve.

4. Now take a pan and add these mixture to it and let it Boil and then take 2tbsp water and 2tbsp Lemon Juice and mix these both well and then add this into the mixture and mix it well properly.

5. Now cover this pan with the lid and cook it for at least 2 minutes and after that take a bowl and place the sieve on it  as well as on sieve place the muslin cloth and then add the finally prepared Mixture to it and squeeze the water coming from it and then remove that water and then again place the covered mixture on the sieve as shown in picture.

6. Now place any material which has some more weight here we are using some other material like pestle mortar for weight but you can use any which is heavier and place on it and set it aside for 1hr and then store in refrigerator, store in water, change the water everyday.

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7. Now Finally our Homemade Tofu Recipe is ready to serve.
How to make tofu at home step by step

How to make tofu step by step

Homemade tofu recipe
Homemade Tofu Recipe

464 gm = 353 Calories
Protein 37.5g
Carbohydrate 8.7g
Fat 22.2g
Fiber 1.4g

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How to make Tofu at Home
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