How to make Jalebi at Home | Homemade Jalebi Recipe |

How to make Jalebi at Home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our site , Today you will learn that how to make jalebi at home step by step with picture, This is so yummy and delicious Homemade Jalebi Recipe, Jalebi is also known as Zulbia and Zalabia, is an Indian Sweet and popular food found all over South Asia and the Middle East and it is extremely common in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is made by deep frying maida flour(plain flour) batter in circular or spiral shape and which are then soaked in sugar syrup. So let's follow the following steps that How to make Jalebi at Home :-

How to make jalebi at home
How to make Jalebi at Home

For Homemade Jalebi Recipe

500g Sugar
1 Lemon
3-4tbsp Milk
1 Pinch of Kesar Yellow Color {Buy Now}
150g Plain Flour(Maida)
1 Pinch of Rangkat(Hydro powder)
1/2tsp Baking Powder
1tbsp Oil/Ghee
Oil for Frying Jalebi


1. For Chashni(Sugar Syrup), Take a non stick pan and then add 500gm Sugar to it and then add 1 cup(200gm) of Water and heat it on medium flame and then add 1sliced lemon to it as shown in picture and cook it till the sugar get's melt properly.

2. Now you can see in picture that sugar has been dissolved properly and looking bad in color as well as bubbles are seeing so for getting clearance in sugar syrup add 3-4 tbsp Milk to it and cook it for 3-4 minutes at medium flame, milk basically gets disrupt and comes up on the surface by combining with dirt of sugar and remove this dirt that have been come up on the surface with the help of utensil (Kadshi) and this dirt will removed completely by 3-4times and then also remove the slices of lemon from it.

3. Now add a pinch of kesar color to it for getting color syrup(chashni) and cook it for 2-3 minutes more and finally our chashni(sugar syrup) is ready.

4. For Batter, take a bowl and then add 150gm plain flour (maida) to it and then add 1/2tsp baking powder, a pinch of Rangkat(hydro powder) to it and also add 1tbsp Oil , you can also add ghee to it and make the batter by adding interval of water to it and shake or mix it with your hands for 5-6 minutes so that air bubbles gets absorbed in it which is very important and finally our batter is ready and check the consistency as shown in picture.

5. Now take a piping bag and place on the glass as shown in picture and add the prepared batter in this piping bag(polythene bag) or you can also use any bottle.

6. Now take a non stick pan and then add oil to it make sure that it is not more than 1/2 inch and make sure that oil gets medium hot and then take piping bag in which we have added batter and then cut this from the bottom and then add this batter from the piping bag to the oil in the sprial design as done in the picture and cooking this jalebi from the both sides by fliping it.

7. Now when the jalebi gets Crisp then add this into the prepared chashni(sugar syrup) within in fraction of seconds and dip this in this chashni so that jalebi gets absorbed the sugar syrup (chashni) completely within it.

How to make jalebi step by step
How to make Jalebi Step by Step

8. Finally our Homemade Jalebi Recipe is Ready to Serve and Garnish it with Pistachio and kesar which is optional.
Homemade jalebi recipe
Homemade Jalebi Recipe

How to make jalebi at home step by step

For 1 Jalebi
25 gm = 59 Calories
Protein 1.1g
Carbohydrate 8.6g
Fat 2.2g
Fiber 0.3g

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How to make Jalebi at Home
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