How to make Idli at Home | Homemade Rava Idli Recipe |

How to make Idli at Home

Hello Foodies, Welcome to our site , Today you will learn that how to make idli at home step by step with picture, This is so easy Homemade Rava Idli Recipe, So let's follow the following steps that How to make Idli at Home :-

How to make rava idli at home
How to make Rava Idli at Home

For Homemade Rava Idli Recipe

1.5 cup Suji/Rava{Buy Now}
1.5 cup Plain Yoghurt
1tsp Salt
Water to adjust consistency
3/4 tsp Baking Soda or 1.5 tsp Eno{Buy Now}
Oil to grease idli tray


1. Take a bowl and then add 1.5 cups of Suji and then add 1.5 cup of Plain Yoghurt.

2. Now add 1tsp Salt and mix it properly so that to make the desired consistency as shown in picture and keep it aside for 30 minutes.

3. Now grease the idli tray with oil and then take idli cooker and then add water to it and cover it with lid and let it heat to boil.

4. After 30 minutes, Now take a idli mixture and then add little amount of water to it so that it becomes smooth thicken type consistency as shown in picture.

5. Now add 1.5tsp of Eno to it and then mix it slowly and then add this mixture in the idli tray, you can see we have not filled it properly in the idli tray, add 3/4 in each space of idli tray.

6. Now place this idli tray into the idli cooker and cover it with lid and then steam it at medium-high flame for 5 minutes and then lower the flame and cook or steam it for 10 minutes more.

7. Now take out the idli tray from this idli cooker and let it cool at room temperature for 2 minutes and then take it out from the idli tray, make sure that it doesn't cool , it is done because of easily removing the idli from the idli tray.

How to make rava idli step by step

Homemade rava idli recipe
Homemade Rava Idli Recipe

8. Finally our Homemade Rava Idli Recipe is ready to serve with Sambar.
How to make idli at home
How to make Idli at Home

For 1 Idli
50 gm = 84 Calories
Protein 2.6g
Carbohydrate 13.6g
Fat 2.2g
Fiber 1.1g
For 1 Mini Idli
20 gm = 34 Calories
Protein 1.1g
Carbohydrate 5.4g
Fat 0.9g
Fiber 0.4g

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How to make Idli at Home
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